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Chiani Wellness Centre

2990 Horton Road Unit 3, Mill Bay, BC

(250) 743-6616

Acupuncture: Initial $121/h, subsequent $104/45m


Colwood Back to Back Clinic

591 Ledsham Rd, Colwood, BC

(250) 391-8761

Acupuncture:Initial $110/h, subsequent $90/45m


Cowichan Wellness Clinic

2763 Beverly St #202, Duncan, BC


Acupuncture:Initial $120/h, subsequent $100/45m


Cowichan Bay Clinic

1681 Cowichan Bay Rd, Cowichan Bay



Initial $120/h,

subsequent $110/h


Hannah's Acupuncture Clinic

3653 Priness Ave, Cobble Hill, BC

(778)308-3468, (236)464-6899

Acupuncture:Initial $126/h, subsequent $116/45m

Acupuncture Comprehensive treatment package

6 months package: $2699

Annual package: $4999

Acupuncturist Hannah Wang's friendly reminder

Before seeing an acupuncturist, please do not drink coffee or eat colored foods, such as blueberries, so as not to affect the acupuncturist to check your tongue coating.

Do not perform acupuncture treatment when you feel hungry or after excessive exercise and sweating, to avoid fainting during acupuncture treatment.

Please prepare an extra coat before acupuncture to keep your body warm after acupuncture treatment (avoid ice water, ice food, wind and cold, in the winter avoid bare feet, exposing navel clothes, shorts outside).

Disabled, senior, children under 18, low income people will enjoy 10% discount.

Donation for low income,disabled, cancer people, kids

Please donate for low-income, disabled, cancer people, and kids, help to release their pain! Thanks for your kindness and generosity!

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